Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday deals

      So I was one of the crazy people that took the challenge and went Black Fiday shopping.Crazy me right!!!! Well I am super glad I did.I actually got everthing I wanted.AND my hubby went with me. Great, great man he is!! 

     Well, N e ways on to my craft deals.I got 7 Cricut Lite cartridges for $12.99 each and I also got An Expression for $119.00. The carts I got were Sugar and Spice, Splish Splash, Slumber Party, Hoot N' Holler, Handy Man, Dude!, and Block Party. With the expression I got Classic font and Playtime. I have been wanting an Expression for a long time. Oh, I forgot to say where I got them.I got them at Menards.For those that do not have one it is a home improvement store.They had many more carts than I got but I didnt want hubby to kill me. Since we were suppose to be shopping for the kiddies and all.  Sorry about the lighting on the pics but I had to take them with my cellphone. My 4 year old decided to throw my camera and well it broke.Just put new batteries in it, too!
     Well, Thanks for stopping by!

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