Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Hat

 I decided I wanted to make a New Year's project and my search began.I found a few different New Year's top hat ideas and so I thought that would be really cute. My neice Bobbi, my sister Chey, and I made some and this is how they turned out. My hat is the black and purple one in the middle. My neice Bobbi made the one with the four leaf clover, we all need a little luck sometimes.My big sis made the blue and white one on the right. We used sheets of foam to make the top hat and just embellished as we wanted.I really love how they turned out. I can not wait until I get a camera so I can make videos.I would really love to show how I make my projects. Well, I guess one thing at a time,right! Well, atleast we had a good time making them. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S TO ALL!!!!

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